Unless otherwise indicated to be unique for a specific call, the return codes associated with the APIs are located in the following table.



200 OK

The request has succeeded.

201 Created

The resource (e.g. new subscriber) has been created successfully.

202 Accepted

The request has been entered into the queue.

204 No Content

The operation has been completed successfully; there is no response payload.

400 Bad Request

The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.  For example, incorrect syntax of parameters, invalid parameter values, subscriber attribute does not exist, missing email address for new subscriber, or subscriber email address fails superficial validation.

401 Unauthorized

The request requires user authentication.  Invalid Api-User and/or Api-Key header value.

403 Forbidden

The API call is reserved for Yesmail internal applications.

404 Resource Not Found

The server has not found anything matching the request resource.   For instance, the “id” or subscription does not exist.

405 Method Not Supported

The resource exists, but the request method is not supported by the resource.

409 Conflict

This occurs when the If-Match condition is used (or assumed), and the specified ETag does not match the current ETag for the resource. 

413 Request Entity Too Large

The size of the request payload exceeded a specified threshold.

500 Internal Server Error

Unable to complete request due to unidentified error.  Please contact your customer service representative.