The Yesmail Marketing Platform can be tuned to each customer's specific data needs. Using the API, developers can gain access to this data for subscribers, target lists or reference data. Depending on which resource is being used data is referred to differently; in the Reference Data and Target Lists APIs, it's records; in the Subscribers API, it's attributes.

The Reference Data API is organized by dataset, records collection and specific recordid. The view=schema parameter provides introspection into the dataset's record types and properties.

The Target Lists API uses the same dataset for all lists. The datasets can either be customized or generic if quick list personalization is used. Use view=schema URI paramater at the resouce level for record names, types and properties.

Data in the Subscribers API is organized by subscriber, profile collection and userAttrs (User Attributes). The view=schema parameter also provides introspection for the subscribers profile attributes.


When accessing a specific subscriber or record, the id of that entity must be specified. In the case of subscribers, it is usually the email address. However, it can be any id defined in YMP. It can also be a composite id. When more than one value is used to define an id, list them out in alphabetical order and separated by a pipe '|'.|


API v2 supports the following data types:

  • Boolean
  • Number
  • String
  • Date
  • Selection (subscribers only)
  • Mulit-Select (subscribers only)