Our API environment supports multiple API keys per customer instance. Creating separate keys offers many advantages over a single key. 

  • The performance of individual apps can be measured and reported.
  • Short term projects created by consulting agencies can have their keys revoked after the project is completed, thus minimizing the number of users with access to the instance.
  • Apps that are having issues can be disabled without affecting other apps.
  • We can report on the types of apps being created to better prioritize product development.
  • Your apps can be managed and reported on from the Profile link in the main navigation or https://developer.yesmail.com/developer

You have complete control over how to name your apps and how they will be used. In general we recommend the following use cases have their own keys apps built by consultants, projects with divergent objectives, and test or exploratory accounts. 

When you create your app, you have the option of choosing a subscription which will determine if it can be used in production or testing sand box (CSEQA). Each environment has a different host path associcated with it.

Production Host:


Test (CSEQA) Host: