Tickets API


The Tickets API is a general purpose "ticket" status service, holding current and historical status information for asynchronous API requests.  For instance, a request sent to POST subscribers/file-import (importing a large number of subscribers from a flat file) may require a lengthy time  to complete all processing steps and is not suitable as a synchronous service.

The asynchronous service validates the request payload and, if valid, queues the request and creates a "ticket" as its response.  The  service then responds with 202 Accepted and returns the ticket payload with a Content-Location header pointing to the ticket resource.

As the asynchronous service completes its processing steps, it adds updated status information to the ticket.  A GET tickets/{id} call retrieves the current and historical status information for that request. Tickets are only valid for 4 days.

Each asynchronous API call has an optional "responseUri" request payload element.  When the ticket reaches a status of “completed” or “failed”, the asynchronous service finally POSTs the status information to the “responseUri” if provided.  HTTP or HTTPS is used as specified in the URI.  The payload is only provided as JSON. 


The Tickets API consists of the following call:

  • GET tickets/{id}: Retrieves the specified ticket object.