Target Lists API

The Target Lists API allows clients to manage lists of subscribers for use in targeting. With the Target List API clients can:


  • Retrieve a list of target lists and number of subscribers
  • Retrieve list and number of subscribers for a target list
  • Add or remove individuals subscribers from a target list
  • Batch add subscribers to a target list
  • Archive a target list


Target lists provide a convenient mechanism to sort specific groups of subscribers. These lists can contain subscribers from a particular marketing initiative, from a specific source or system. Target lists are available for use in the Yesmail Enterprise Marketing platform when defining the targeting for a message.


Target List API consists of the following calls:


  • GET target-lists
  • GET target-lists/{listname}
  • PUT target-lists/{listname}
  • DELETE target-lists/{listname}
  • GET target-lists/{listname}/members
  • POST target-lists/{listname}/members/import
  • GET target-lists/{listname}/members/{id}
  • PUT target-lists/{listname}/members/{id}
  • DELETE target-lists/{listname}/members/{id}