Subscribers API

With the Yesmail Subscribers API, a client can interact with Yesmail’s core systems in order to perform subscriber management activities.

A subscriber is considered to be anyone who belongs to or opts-in to a service or e-commerce firm and knowingly receives email messages from the service or company. It can also be someone who has unsubscribed from all messages.

A subscriber is specified via a company-defined identifier (ID). This identifier can be any string that is uniquely associated with a subscriber within a particular business unit in your organization. The ID will be tied in Yesmail’s systems to the subscriber’s profile information (including attributes), subscriptions, and message history for that business unit.

Note that if an ID is used across business units, it is stored separately for each business unit. The profile information, subscriptions, and message history for that ID are not joined across business units.

A subscription (or division) represents the level of organization at which the subscriber may opt-in, or subscribe.  For instance, your company may have five different product areas; a subscriber may be opted in to one or more of these areas, while not subscribed to the others.  Depending on the API call, the response payload may contain a memberOf array listing the divisions to which the subscriber is subscribed, and/or a current array that lists all available divisions and the subscriber's current status for each one.

A subscriber that is marked dead due to exceeding the hard bounce rules, is not editable. However, they can be revived through any of the subscriber update resources by setting dead=false.

Please note that all subscriber call email addresses must be lower-case strings.  Calls containing email addresses in mixed case will be rejected.