The Subscriber Profile

The subscriber profile is where personalization and targeting information is stored.  The profile currently consists of a “userAttrs” array, which contains the data elements stored in your division’s USERS table.  These columns vary by customer, so please use the view=schema parameter if you are unfamiliar with the structure of your USERS table.  A simple example:

profile: {
       "userAttrs": [
             { "firstName": "Jane" },
             { "lastName": "Doe" },
             { "secretToLife": 42 },
             { "prefersMobile": "false" },
             { "favoriteDonuts": "Old Fashioned|Maple Bacon" }

To ensure a successful request, all values in the userAttrs array should be provided as a string data type, which will be converted internally into the appropriate data type for that column.  If values are not provided as strings, the API logic may be able to handle the data type provided; if it is unable to do so, or if the conversion from the string data type is unsuccessful, the request will return a 400 Bad Request error.

Multi-select attributes values are defined using a | separator.