POST subscribers/erase


The Subscribers API permits interaction with individuals associated with your company. The API's POST /v2/subscribers/erase call is used to fulfill erasure requests in compliance with GDPR.

Resource URI

Call Description

The POST /v2/subscribers/erase call requests that all data associcated with the individal be erased. The user is immediately unsubscribed from all subscriptions.

HTTP Return Codes



202 Accepted

The request has been accepted from erasure processing

400 Bad Request The requested erasure has already been submitted. The required values were not present.

401 Unauthorized

The request requires user authentication.  Invalid Api-User and/or Api-Key header value.

404 Not Found

The request individual was not found.

Request Payload: 
    "email": "",
    "emergencyBackupOptOutFlag": false
Response Payload: