POST masters/{id}/archive


This method is used to archive a master. Archived masters are removed from normal views and cannot be enabled. They can still be delivered by /emails/send requests. Masters that are in the disabled or delivered stated can be archived.

Once enabled the master may be disabled using the POST /v2/masters/{id}/disable method. 

Resource URI{id}/archive

Call Description

The POST /v2/masters/{id}/archive call archives a specific master. There is no request payload.

HTTP Return Codes




200 OK

Returned when the master ID exists and master can be archived (may already be archived).

400 Bad Request

Returned when the master is in a state that it cannot be set to "archive".

401 Unauthorized

The request requires user authentication.  Invalid Api-User and/or Api-Key header value.

404 Not Found The Master ID cannot be found. May not exist for the given api-user or may be archived.


Successful archive request

  "id": "1283567",
  "lastUpdate": "2016-07-20T22:36:08.165Z",
  "name": "Y2K warning",
  "subscription": "Corporate",
  "status": "disabled",
  "archived": true