Masters API


The Masters API is the primary service for interacting with marketing messages that will be sent to a large targeted audience of subscribers. This service supports the creation, updating, reading, archiving, enabling, and disabling of messages.

This service is primarily used by clients that are managing message creation and creative design outside the Yesmail Marketing Platform user interface. 

A master is composed of four main components, targeting, scheduling, template (content and envelope), and delivery parameters. The first three have been broken out from the master as separate resources, so they can be independenly updated. Most delivery parameters have default values defined at the company level and are rarely updated.


This is a real time query of the message audience based on criteria available at send time. Targeting can be based on subscriber attribute values, their interaction with pervious messages, their membership of a list or whether they visited a tracked page with our after the click tracking. Standard logical operators are used to chain together the segments in a waterfall manner. See PUT v2/masters/{id}/target for details on the targeting DSL.


Message can be scheduled for a one time delivery or on a recurring basis. One time deliveries can be pre-compiled for faster delivery executions. Recurring messages can be set on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule. 


Template includes the message envelope, the html, and plain text content. HTML content must be escaped. Any URL passed in the message body will be parsed and returned in a links array for tracking purposes.