GET masters/{id}/schedule


This request returns the schedule for a master.

Resource URI{id}/schedule

Call Description

The GET /v2/masters/{id}/schedule retrieves the current schedule for a master.

HTTP Return Codes



200 OK

Returned when the master ID exists, the payload will have the master's schedule section only.

401 Unauthorized

The request requires user authentication.  Invalid Api-User and/or Api-Key header value.

404 Not Found

The master ID cannot be found, may not exist for the given Api-User or is archived.


Repeats every Monday.

    "start": "2015-06-01T06:11:00.000Z",
    "frequency": "weekly",
    "stop": "4000-01-01T00:00:00.000Z",
    "weekDay": "monday"


This message targeting is being precompiled before the scheduled delivery time. This can only be done with one time deliveries.

    "start": "2015-06-01T06:11:00.000Z",
    "frequency": "once",
    "preCompileStart": "2015-05-30T17:00:00.000Z"